Yesterday, I just smashed my iPad Air and I'm not taking about a few cracks. I shattered it and little pieces of the screen were falling out... I also dropped it so hard I even dented the sides, I thought I was at a loss but I called these genius men who run simply computers and they fixed it in 24 hours for 110$. They have special tools that can shape out your iPad or iPod back to its original state. I'm using it now. It's like I have my brand new iPad Air back (because I do) Thank you so much!!!! I recommend to all. Don't go to best buy...Geek squad...freak squad... They just want your money and they won't fix anything without a charging cord and a bunch of other crap. Simply Computers.... Needs to change their name to Super Duper Simple Computers, Inc.
Company tag line: Where your prized possession is fixed by geniuses.!

Amanda Jones,